Merkel the scourge of Europe commanding execution of disabled!

to every friend of humanity and human rights around the world – July 2015 – pdf

Human Rights Dungeon http frameGermany evil empire! Attila, named the scourge of God! Hitler, mass murderer & destroyer of Europe! Merkel, the scourge and destroyer of Europe by EURO, commanding execution of disabled!

All MP of Black Forest parliament confirmed this execution, euthanasia! Ban this Blood Forest! Ban this evil empire of Blood Forest! NO German BureauKraut, politician, judge stood up for human rights! All confirmed torture, execution, euthanasia – like 1000 years before in III. REICH

Dear friend of humanity, we inform that Merkel torments countries with their EURO/credits and in Germany their bureauKrauts torments disabled, poor people, deny human rights!

German chancellor, head of CDU Angela MERKEL betray Human Rights, German constitution and party constitution and deny right for life, food, medicine, medical treatment of handicapped human! [more]