Fullbright Prize awarded to racist!

WHY was Fulbright Prize awarded to a racist? Disabled are asshole = unworthy life – torture, extra judiciary execution, deny of human rights, etc. all ordered by German Chancellor Angela MERKEL against oath of office and all human rights!

The Fulbright Prize honors the largest and most significantCJ educational and cultural exchange program in history, as well as the career and spirit of its creator, the late Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas….. https://fulbright.org/programs/prize/

Dec 18, 2018 Fulbright Prize for International Understanding an Dr. Angela Merkel

German: https://www.fulbright.de/news/commission-news/article/fulbright-prize-for-international-understanding

We informed Fulbright Association! NO answer as usual in Merkel surroundings!

We ask publicly for help & human rights, stop these criminals against humanity AND withdraw the Fulbright Price!

Stop racists! No price for racists! No price for criminals against human rights!

Unbelieveable – Fulbright Prize to German Chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel who support torture, extra judiciary execution of Bruno [mail to FA]