Petition: Light a candle for Bruno

Light a candle for Bruno, give him hope with a sea of light.

Bruno can’t breath and is waiting for his death / extra judiciary execution! Incarcerates in a small darkened room (no daylight), alone, no social contact to other humans. Bruno hopes to spend his last days and death in dignity and freedom (with enough food, medical treatment). Sign and share, please.

And help to indict his racist torturers / murderers / butchers / criminals against humanity to the ICC / The Hague!

Politically persecuted, tortured, imprisoned, sentenced to death without trial, by deny of food, medicine, COVID19 protection, medical treatment (lungs, heart, eyes, kidneys, skin, irradiation, daylight- cancer protection, etc.) commanded by German Chancellor MERKEL (CDU), PM of Black/ Blood Forest KRETSCHMANN (Greens). Executed through their racist BureauKrauts, the NEW Nazi/NSU 2.0! „Disabled are asshole / unworthy life“ confirmed by desk murderer Chancellor/PM of Black/Blood Forest (antechamber „we informed about everything“ – state lawyer „why are you still alive?!“)! Both protecting their racist, corrupt, murderous party friends / staff!

THE MURDERING SIX – Bruno’s torturers, butchers on government orders!

THE MURDERING SIX – Bruno’s torturers, butchers on government orders!

THE MURDERING SIX – Bruno’s torturers, butchers on government orders!

(other murderers asap – all involved/informed bureauKrauts)




coming soon: The most stupidest, most racist, most fascist, most criminal, most murderous bureauKrauts, Nazis in office.

2019/July/18 Murderer Number 13 RIESTERER – ONE OF THE MURDERING SIX!

Fraudster – slanderer – racist „Disabled are asshole / unworthy life„- corrupt official  – torturer – murderer with Covid19 too – bureauKraut/desk murderer  – enemy of the constitution – criminal against human rights – traitor of the oath of office & constitution!

RIESTERER refused first aid, was thrilled when Bruno lay at his feet and had attacks of suffocation – worse than the Nazis!

(The permitted record of this attempted murder is embezzled by superiors, prosecutors/PM/ Chancellor)

How criminal, murderous, stupid, degenerate is an official who allows recording of his murder attempt and afterwards, lies, cheats, slanders, denies the reality?

How criminal, murderous, stupid, degenerate are his superiors / German & Black Forest government if they cover it up, even though they have the permitted record?

Another clear evidence of political murder of Bruno by Chancellor MERKEL, PM KRETSCHMANN to protect her party friends / criminals against human rights!

(staff of JobCentre of Black/Blood Forest – Lehener Strasse 77 – D-79106 Freiburg/ Germany – ph. +49(0)761 20269-100 fax +49(0)761-20269190 – – head of Jobcentre Mrs. MANSER – deputy Mr. HUBER – they tried to kill Bruno already in 2009 – Bruno survived with eye/kidney damage (irreparable) – no investigation – prosecutor judiciary  obey politician)

LITTER (Murderer # 17) had the documentation of this attempted murder available, which is why the files were falsified „I asked RIESTERER“ (twice) but refused to provide the required written form and took over the fraud / defamation from RIESTERER. For this purpose, he blackmailed Bruno and from 01.08.2019 stopped ALL social benefits, including health insurance (no more diabetes and kidney medication), rent. LITTER confirmed on 28/07/2019 that all documents for the continued payment are available! There was also no explanation as to why the job center did not need any applications for continued payment for 10 years.

Likewise, he has embezzled the complaints made by the supervisory authorities, criminal charges, calls for the involvement of superiors / supervisory authorities – job center = murder center!
The same extortion to relieve the murderers in the job center happened once in 2009. At that time Bruno survived with eye and kidney damage (irreparable) and those responsible MANSER / HUBER are again the ringleaders in this murder.
What happens next?
Does the district administrator / lawyer (CDU) send their storm squadron past again, as it did when the police destroyed the targeted emergency monitoring system?
Or do German Chancellor MERKEL, Prime Minister KRETSCHMANN finally deprive the district administrator („People with disabilities are arseholes = subhuman) and finally grant Bruno the Basic Law / Human Rights, finally allow enough food, medical care?

Or will German Chancellor MERKEL, Prime Minister KRETSCHMANN send Bruno in torture prison again – without hearing, without lawyer, without judgement?