travel warning black forest

TRAVEL WARNING # NO travel to Black Forest / Blood Forest / Schwarzwald (Germany) # NO human rights and NO humanity – instead torture, extrajudical execution!

picture131 flag

Your money supports state terrorismYour money supports mistreatment of people, racism, murder, euthanasia!

Don’t travel to the Blood Forest!

Don’t support terror against human!

The Caliph of Blood Forest Winfried KRETSCHMANN order execution of disabled human!

Kretschmann refuse diabetes/kidney medicine and medical treatment – all authorities / courts get involved!!

Don’t buy any products from the Black Forest! Neither cuckoo clocks, nor cars (like Mercedes, Porsche) nor Black Forest cherry cake.

Here the list of the other criminals against human rights! [NEXT]

Further infomation asap on burial site WeTakeBrunoHome in development


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