Internationaler Aufruf – Boykott Deutschland Blood Forest

Wir haben Israel, Saudi-Arabien, die USA (alphabetic order) aufgefordert, Merkel die verliehenen Orden abzuerkennen. Denn es ist nicht tragbar, dass Merkel die höchsten Orden dieser Länder trägt und gleichzeitig zulässt/anordnet, dass Menschen misshandelt werden, sie ihre Parteifreundin nicht stoppt. Sie begeht/befiehlt Verbrechen gegen Menschenrechte und setzt damit die Euthanasie-Politik fort, stolz den allerhöchsten Orden Israels. Eine Schande und Entwürdigung der über 6 Mio. Opfer der deutschen Euthanasie.

Itur Nesi Medinat Jisrael, höchste Auszeichnung Israels * König-Abdulaziz-Orden, der höchste Orden Saudi-Arabiens * Presidential Medal of Freedom, erhalten von Präsident Barack Obama (und mehr Wikipedia)

Listen World! German Krauts slaughter HUMANs again!

Boycott Germany & BlackBlood Forest

Merkel pic by German government kretschmann pic by ministry of state








‚The denial of food, Diabetes treatment by government/authorities is neither attempted murder nor any other crime!‚ both confirmed their lawyer and so again Nazi euthanasia by German government!


BrunoSkinBeforeStartBruno wait to his death – Feb. 2013 doctor ‚your ship is sailed in five years‚ by kidney damage caused by government – didn’t get any aid, instead, blackmail ‚diabetes treat­ment by incapacitation‘ by judiciary/government – is incarcerated in darkness, without DAYlight/cancer protection (skin disease) or radiation – no medical treatment for heart, blood pressure (180/130), kidney, diabetes, teeth, eye, inside screws, etc. – no food, medicine – they wait until he starved by government order to hush up their crimes against human rights – deny of ‚right to work‘, sabotaged his work sites, documented in government reports – our offered meetings were ignored – ‚No access to Judiciary‘ – no assigning of lawyer no investigation, like other victims: We remember the 3 year old Alessio, abused, beaten to death – was under care of same Black Forest district office, who torture, slaughter Bruno and all in government knew this. Alessio’s doctors report his hurts, long time in hospital, twice. Snooty district administrator, party fellow of Merkel ‚we acted to our knowledge and belief‚! But why didn’t she (lawyer) act according to the law and rescue so the little child in a foster family? Had Merkel stopped her party fellow, Kretschmann his staff, when we reported mistreatment of Bruno, or as own leading staff confirmed her incompetence, little Alessio would still be alive!

Human Rights Dungeon http frameHave Merkel & Kretschmann even fears to see their victims in the eye? Are greatest cowards, chicken or desk hangmen? No phone! Or have even a health problem to understand, answer this simple question: “Have YOU acted in case of Bruno Schillinger according German constitution, Human Rights, UN CRPD (federal law) – YES or NO?‚.

Persons who act against the Constitution are enemies of the constitution and consequently terrorists.

bgnumber_bygaelic triangle trialThe tattoo on the arm – the labeling of the Nazis for extermination of humans! This may never happen again! But it take place today, e.g. Racism/pogrom mayor/municipal of March ‚Bruno should leave village immediately – should go to an insane asylum, where he could get diabetes medicine‚, remain silent to ‚SIEG HEIL‚ shouts, Nazi Swastika on memorial since 50 years. Or the public health officer denied aid, treatment. Did so the same experiments as Nazi Mengele, torture humans. Or German terrorist (shot 10 people brutally to death, hurt many by nail bomb attack, bank robberies, etc) get paid four defense lawyer. Chancellor Merkel, bearer of highest medals in world, command again racism, execution, euthanasia!


Dear Reader and Human, please, stand up for human rights and support Bruno, thank you. Stop torture, execution of Bruno by German & Blood Forest government! If you rescue one, you rescue all! Boycott German & BlackBlood Forest holiday / products from car to wooden dish brushes! Bruno need food, medicine, medical treatment, DAYlight/cancer protection, physiotherapy to relieve pain, dentist, radiation, rescue eyesight & legs (diabetic foot), a lawyer or foundation to investigate after his death, asylum (stay/die in dignity, pref. UK, skin research center) AND human rights!

Help to bring him home:

Address for aid, support, questions: Mr. Bruno SCHILLINGER – Bachstrasse 1 – D-79232 March/Germany – ph. +49(0)7665-930450 (GMT +1 – best due eye problems) or contact your ambassador in Germany to double check, grant human rights, give aid or delegate to a trusted charity! ALL is helpful! Thank you!

*** Further details on *** Boycott Black/Blood*** BAN THE KRAUTS! *** Don’t support torturers, murderer, German politicians, terrorists ***

Merkels Orden, entwürdigt durch Verbrechen gegen Menschenrechte

Merkel Orden Quelle Wikipedia – inkl. Inflation von Ehrendoktortiteln, usw.



Fotos mit Folgen der behördlich verursachten Gesundheitsschäden – auch auf Webseiten

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Hautschäden durch Diabetes/Krebs? Ende April 2015 – Blutungen

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Offene Wunden im Mund – notwendige Operation wird verweigert

lost_teeth_partVerbrannte Lippen durch Tageslicht

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