Politisch Verfolgt in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Herr Schillinger ist das Opfer von politischer Verfolgung in Deutschland durch Regierung und Land Baden-Württemberg. Dies ist mehr wie offensichtlich. MP Kretschmann setzt Polizeiaktionen an, verweigert aber weiter Diabetes- Nierenmedikamente, Tageslich/Krebsschutz, Bestrahlung, Grundgesetz und Menschenrechte.

Niemand weiß wie lange Herr Schillinger noch durchhält. Als ihm 2009 das Jobcenter unter Leitung von Manser/Huber zum 1. Mal die Diabetesbehandlung verweigerte (kein Hartz 4, keine Krankenversicherung), musste er 9 Monate durchhalten, wurde von uns nach UK geholt und gerettet. Was geschieht nun?

Wie lange noch wird Kretschmann GRÜNE die lebenswichtigen Medikamente verweigern? Wie lange wird er von Parteifreunden, Abgeordneten, usw. geschützt? Wann werden Menschenrechte eingehalten?

Fest steht, wenn er verreckt, ist er das 1. offizielle Opfer dieser sozialen Euthanasie. Auch anderswo kämpfen Menschen ums überleben – stehen ohne Krankenversicherung und damit ohne Herzmedikamente da.MENSCHENRECHTSVERLETZUNGEN SIND EINE UNGERECHTIGKEIT. AN JEDEM ORT DER WELT. Sacharow Preis des Europäischen Parlaments

BrunoSkinBeforeStartMr. Schillinger is a victim of political persecution and when he die, he is the first official German victim of social euthanasia after Nazi era.

We asked all members of European Parliament to grant Human Rights and life of Bruno – We blamed Government of Black Forest Prime Minister Kretschmann and his authorities of the crimes against human rights and we claim for public investigation in a democratic state, by ICC and asylum for his last days! Until today no German politician, no Supervisory authority, no prosecutor has spoken with Mr. Schillinger.

Murdered for human rights!  Cry for life!

Our human rights ‘Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law – No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degradingtreatment or punishment’ – are WORTHLESS!

Germany today: Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister of Blood Forest commands the extrajudicial execution of a handicapped human –refuses diabetic kidney drugs, cancer & heart treatment andbetrays human rights.

Torture, Euthanasia like in III. REICH!


to the personal attention of                           Oct. 18th. 2014

«MrsMr» «FirstName» «FamilyName» «nationalPoliticalGroupENGLISH»

«Bruxelles_Zip_Burxelles» «Strassbourg_Zip_Strassbourg» pages 2

Dear «MrsMr» «FamilyName»,

Your help, your support is needed. Protect our human rights and safe a life – thank you.

We have to inform you, that Germany kills again disabled people, like in III. Reich. The prime minister of Black Forest command refusal of vital medicines. Since Aug. 15th, 2014 Mr. Schillinger has no diabetic or kidney drugs. Our claims long before this date were ignored as all claims before. A disabled is worthless, NOT even a phone call worth. There are no Human Rights for Mr. Schillinger, disabled due same authority. PM Kretschmann send his police assault force on Oct. 9th, they stormed the apartment and confiscated the old computer with which we monitor his vital functions from UK/ICE. In a attack of suffocation he should take the phone – impossible. Police irony or mockery of the victim? Intimidation!

Official reason for attack: accusation of insult. Because we compared denial of essential medicines, food, medical treatment (not even heart), access to judiciary (UN CRPD) with the Nazi era and asked whether if the people demand human rights, are murdered, slaughtered, again. This attack proves that it is not an insult, it is terror against fighter for human rights, it is the grim reality. The Krauts are back!

We asked, Prime Minister Kretschmann ‚Have you acted for Mr. Bruno Schillinger according German Constitution, Human Rights, UN Disability Convention – YES or NO?‚ – No answer! No vital medication, food, instead kidney/eye damage, attack of police assault force in his room, all legalized by judiciary. How can judiciary legalize this attack and in same time refuse vital medicine, human rights? MP, government, all MP confirmed that refusal of food, diabetes treatment due public authorities is no crime. Remember Dr. Martin Luther King ‚Never forget, everything Hitler did in Germany was legal‚. These and more proves that German political, judiciary, bureaucracy kill again disabled people.

We blame Prime Minister Kretschmann and his authorities of the crimes against human rights and we claim for public investigation in a democratic state, by ICC and asylum for his last days! Until today no German politician, no Supervisory authority, no prosecutor has spoken with Mr. Schillinger. WHY?

Why this extrajudicial execution, this murder from ambush, this assassination?

His disabilities (like kidney, etc) were caused by authority, government like sabotage of his jobs, confirmed in the own authority report – so they fear compensation for pain, suffering, jobs, torture, illegal arrest & deportation on behalf of a politician, etc. where he claimed for – ignored. Yes, life of Bruno runs out – Feb. 2013 doctor ‚your ship is sailed in 5 years‚ (kidney) – but not quick enough. So Kretschmann decided to kill Bruno Schillinger. Commanded no aid, no support, no medical treatment, no human rights, instead more pain health damages, torture and extrajudicial execution asap.

Further health problems, daylight is forbidden (skin disease), eye damage due 1st murder attempt (2009) – Kretschmann refuse daylight/cancer protection, radiation, incarcerate him in a small, dark room and technical support for eye damage. We have repeatedly offered clarifying conversations ‚all at one and all on this table‚ were stubbornly ignored. Truth is not welcome – euthanasia is back.

Mr. Schillinger is a victim of political persecution and when he die, he is the first official German victim of social euthanasia after Nazi era. If the European Union, if you «MrsMr» «FamilyName», don’t stop this torture, this execution! Grant life and human rights.

Every hour without medication, every new attack against Mr. Schillinger, proves the crimes against human rights. He has to disappear, not only from the village, as it called by local council, he has to die!

United Nations OHCHR (High Commissioner for Human Rights) / Geneva ‚Any use of lethal force by state authorities, which are not justified on the right to life under provisions shall be considered as an extrajudicial execution … .. „

Amnesty International Extrajudicial executions are a fundamental attack on human rights. They violate the human conscience … .. † (Kretschmann is member of Amnesty International and they remain silent)

We need your aid, your support and if you have a possibility that Mr. Schillinger could leave Germany, get asylum to spend his last days and die in dignity, this would be fine. Additionally Germany has to pay all costs and a lawyer will claim for damages to found a new charity for other victims, etc.

You can’t believe this crimes against human rights since years in Germany? Everything is documented for years on the internet, with names, pictures of the perpetrators, completely unopposed! They confiscated the computer but websites are running as years before. Next proof that police attack was a murder attack and should block our monitoring of vital functions. Intimidation! Assassination!

Mr. Bruno Schillinger will fight for his life and human rights up to his last breath, no surrender. He will die for Human Rights! We hope, you «MrsMr» «FamilyName», fight for human rights too and rescue his life!

«MrsMr» «FamilyName», please never forgetHuman Rights Arial http



and act yourself – not transfer to anywhere, any whom, this is part of the problem.

If you have any question, want ask for needed medicine, other things, phone him please.

Please call Mr. Bruno Schillinger only. Because he can’t read currently (eye damage), by the abuse of the ARGE / welfare office / Social Court itself and we are not on site. The possible assistance (technical, etc.), is denied by public authorities!

We say in name of Mr. Bruno Schillinger, thank you from bottom of our hearts.

Yours faithfully

SAFOB (Supporter And Friends Of Bruno)

We SaFoB are physically too far away and can not take him again to us to England. Like in July/August 2009 as we were able to save his life – before inhumane public authorities who refused him food and diabetes treatment. He survived at that time, with eye and kidney damage (irreparably = death sentence).


http://5jahrehartz4.wordpress.com/ (German – base site includes documents that authority did nothing to investigate or stop racism, extrajudicial execution))

Prime Minister Kretschmann at the end?!

https://dassindbrunosmoerder.wordpress.com/kretschmann-am-ende/ (German – Includes Court order of storming his apartment for insulting and link to: NEW request for a preliminary injunction against Prime Minister Kretschmann GREEN inter alia to grant / adherence to human rights, constitution, state constitution, social laws, UN CRPD (Federal Law) AND medical supplies (diabetic kidney), medical treatment, irradiation, food, legally entitled benefits. …


Please visit http://wetakebrunohome.wordpress.com the funeral website


Victim address – pictures of him and health damages (open wounds, skin etc.) on websites:
Street: Bachstrasse 1
Zip 79232 March/Germany
Ph +49 (0) 7665-930450
GMT + 1                    All is helpful, than Bruno will fight for his life and human rights.


Torturer, executor, criminal against human rights address

Prime minister of Blood Forest:
Richard-Wagner-Str. 15
70184 Stuttgart /Germany
Tel .: 0711 – 2153-0 (personal secretary -231) Fax: 0711 – 2153-340 (personal secretary -221)
his official website http://www.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/regierung/ministerpraesident/
GREEN party & personal website http://winfried-kretschmann.de/

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