Merkel die Geißel Europas

Über diese Seite wurden stellvertretend zuerst die Kreisrätin (gönnt sich eigene Krebsbehandlung, aber keine für Menschen mit Behinderung) und der berüchtigte Landesjurist informiert!


Will MEP stand up for human rights or support criminals against humanity?

to the personal attention of «MrsMr» «FirstName» «FamilyName» «PartySHORTFORMPartei» – «Bruxelles_Zip_Burxelles» «Bruxellesfax_00part» «Strassbourg_Zip_Strassbourg» «Strassbourgfax_00part» pages 1 – July 9th 2015

Human Rights Dungeon http frameGermany evil empire! Attila, named the scourge of God! Hitler, mass murderer & destroyer of Europe! Merkel, the scourge and destroyer of Europe by EURO, commanding execution of disabled!

Europe evil empire too? When grant European parliament right for life & human rights for handicapped human? Why confirm EU parliament German torture, execution of handicapped?

Dear «MrsMr» «FamilyName», we inform that Merkel torments countries with their EURO/credits and in Germany their bureauKrauts torments disabled, poor people, deny human rights!

German chancellor, head of CDU Angela MERKEL betray Human Rights, German constitution and party constitution and deny right for life, food, medicine, medical treatment of handicapped human!
Our human rights ‘Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law – No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’ – German Constitution: Article 1 Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of ALL state authority. – CDU party constitution: ‚The dignity of man – even of the unborn and the dying – is inviolable‚. (send by Merkel)

BrunoSkinBeforeStartBruno Schillinger demands right to life, human rights – need food, medicine, DAYlight/cancer protection, medical treatment (heart, lungs, kidney, diabetes, eye, skin, etc.), radiation, etc. is tortured, executed (last 3 years) by German authorities, ordered by chancellor Merkel and Mr. Kretschmann (GREEN) prime minister of Black Forest. All confirmed this order for extrajudicial execution order ‚the deny of food, diabetes treatment by public authority is neither attempt murder nor any other crime!‘ incl. state parliament of Black Forest. NO one started investigation, stopped murdering Krauts, stand up for human rights! Instead they support same euthanasia like Hitler commanded!
German perversion – the victim does not get ‚access to justice‘ (UN CRPD) – not a lawyer – bureauKrauts vanish, deny offered meeting ‚all at same and all on this desk‚ with ‚we have no qualified people‘ and proof own incompetence, stupidity – are demanding that Bruno for discussions another person empowers, named and paid by the same authorities who have committed these crimes against human rights, arrested him, raided his flat by police, cut of LifeMonitoring/RescueMonitoring, and so on. Feb 2013 doctor said ‚your ship is sailed in five years‚ due kidney damage caused by German authority/government. NO one gave aid, support – all wait until Bruno died! Another perversion: the deputy Director of Social Committee (Socialist party) in district office has treated their own skin cancer, but denied Bruno the treatment! Old Master race like Nazi era!
Bruno is victim of German political Persecution! Bruno is seeking asylum to spent his last days and die in dignity! He is seeking a lawyer & foundation claim for compensation after his death, support others with this money and bring these Nazi Krauts, criminals in front of International Crime Court/Den Haag. Local racism: mayor/municipal requires ‚Bruno should leave village immediately – should go to an insane asylum, where he could get diabetes medicine‚, remain silent to ‚Sieg Heil‘ shouts, Nazi Swastika on memorial. Director Social office ‚no food, no aid, go to church, they have money and can donate‘.

German terrorist get four lawyer – NO ‚access to justice‚ (UN CRPD) for handicapped German
By the way, the NSU terrorist (10 brutally shot to death people, nail bomb attack with many wounded, bank robberies, etc) has four defense lawyers, paid from taxes of people whose husbands, fathers, and friends murdered, slaughtered by terrorists.
Conclusion: If you requires compliance with constitution, human rights in Germany by authorities / government, you is being abused, starving, must perish. Assassinate you Turks, Greeks, throws bombs, you get four defense lawyers. German perversity! Or is the reason that German authorities / government have such groups financially supported, many wellpaid undercover agents in their leadership? Or why else the police have investigated only against the victims?
Same time, same government: No food, no medicine, no doctor, no human rights for disabled – instead extrajudicial execution, euthanasia. German Chancellor and their bureauKrauts protect so itself.

Alessio (3 y), another victim: We remember the 3 year old Alessio, abused, beaten to death, was under care of the Black Forest district office! Who knew all and did nothing! No foster parent (money?). Nothing! After death, instead truth, investigation, only long explanations by district administrator, party fellow of Merkel: ‚we acted to the best of our knowledge and belief‚! But why did she NOT act according to the law and rescue the little child in a foster family? Responsible same district administrator which tortured, executed Bruno, raided his room, deny diabetes/kidney drugs, medical treatment, food!

Please «MrsMr» «FamilyName», dear reader, stop this racism, execution, euthanasia and grant European Charta of Human Rights, last days & death in dignity!

Unbelievable? All is published on Internet – including names of Bruno’s murderer and without any protest of these criminals against human rights!
e.g. (incl. pictures)

Further information? Best and direct contact to Bruno ph. +49(0)7665-930450 GMT + 1 – we can’t read all, and our preference is find medicine, food, shelter and asylum of him plus human rights. We seek for other volunteers!

All is helpful – Bruno needing food, medicine, medical treatment (pain & palliative) & DENTIST/screws + aid & asylum that Bruno can spend his last days and die in dignity – thank you for your time, aid from bottom of our hearts – please share this message.

Address for aid, support: Mr. Bruno SCHILLINGER – Bachstrasse 1 – D-79232 MARCH/GERMANY – Ph +49(0)7665-930450 GMT+1 best way, due eye damage by government!
Address of Pharmacia, etc. by phone

Reason for execution: Bruno search the truth about the death of his father and the entanglements of a politician (party fellow of Merkel) and public officer.
Why didn’t he inform family, said in hospital ‚family will not come‘ – why had Bruno’s father die alone about weeks in agony – and why hat this politician time to take all savings of a long life in cash of ac-count of the dying father? And why he had Bruno’s father cremated and buried anonymously with invalid powers of attorney and he knew exactly, because he has embezzled the new powers! But again no investigation! Attorney and politicians protect their party fellow. Bruno not even aware of the grave site of mourning, remembrance, flowers!
So it started – each claim for investigation was ignored, same time, Bruno was mistreated, NO work (job centre blocked his new work and confirmed this crime in own report – guess where the politician was working) or blackmail ‚diabetes treatment by incapacitation‘ by judiciary/government. Certainly we claimed for assigning a lawyer (access to judiciary according UN CRPD) – instead attempt of incapacitation (besides such person has 4,5 hours monthly and is determined/ paid by government). NO one spook with Bruno – we proofed lies and crimes – NO investigation – all shelter this politician and colleagues! And Merkel send Bruno by e-mail this sentence, ‚The dignity of man – even of the unborn and the dying – is inviolable‚. taunted so the victim of her fellow party member.
Certainly we demanded that chancellor Merkel stop her party fellow, district administration, responsible of slain of Alessio and mistreatment of Bruno and distances itself from the district administrator and kick out of her party! As usual, Merkel did nothing, command so torture, execution!

Our human rights ‘Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law – No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’

Human Rights Dungeon http frameAnd every human has to stand up for human rights!

† Germany today, Merkel’s own country: reissue of the Nazi project T4 †
T4 mission to transport disabled, poor to concentration camps (KZ, like Bergen-Belsen) and kill them!
Assisted by Socialist Party of Germany ‚Whoever does not work should not eat
Besides, Germany today: THREE job seekers on ONE vacant job (incl. working poor job).