These are Bruno’s murderer – 012 – Pope Francis!


These are Bruno’s murderer – 012 – Pope Francis! [others here] [details here]

Dear Humans, write to Pope Francis I., please – stand up for Humanity!

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Dear Pope Francis,

please stop your brother in faith Winfried KRETSCHMANN (PM of Blood Forest/Green Party)!

# Stop his cripple hunting, political persecution, torture, extra judiciary execution of Bruno SCHILLINGER!

# Condemn his racism against disabled (are asshole = unworthy life, subhuman), and his euthanasia!

# Distance yourself and your church of racists, criminals against humanity!

# Request a public inquiry, why Bruno was taken into a torture prison for months on your behalf (Information from the Procuratorate) – without charge or hearing, by deliberately exploiting the health damage caused by the authorities.

# Demand the observance of the 10 commandments, especially „Thou shall not kill“ and answer why your German Nuncio and Archbishop of Black Forest ignore the cry for life!

Dear Pope Francis, please help Bruno so he can get protection & asylum & medical treatment in a free country and spend his last days & death in dignity! All is helpful. For support/aid/further information, contact Bruno by phone please.

We thank you from bottom of our hearts.

Yours faithfully,


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All is helpful, We thank you from bottom of our hearts for your time and aid.