These are Bruno’s murderer – Pope Francis!

These are Bruno’s murderer – 012 – Pope Francis! [other here]

Dear Humans, write to Pope Francis I., please – stand up for Humanity!

link aid picture:

Dear Pope Francis,

please stop your brother in faith Winfried KRETSCHMANN (PM of Blood Forest/Green Party)!

# Stop his cripple hunting, political persecution, torture, extra judiciary execution of Bruno SCHILLINGER!

# Condemn his racism against disabled (are asshole = unworthy life, subhuman), and his euthanasia!

# Distance yourself and your church of racists, criminals against humanity!

# Request a public inquiry, why Bruno was taken into a torture prison for months on your behalf (Information from the Procuratorate) – without charge or hearing, by deliberately exploiting the health damage caused by the authorities.

# Demand the observance of the 10 commandments, especially „Thou shall not kill“ and answer why your German Nuncio and Archbishop of Black Forest ignore the cry for life!

Dear Pope Francis, please help Bruno so he can get protection & asylum & medical treatment in a free country and spend his last days & death in dignity! All is helpful. For support/aid/further information, contact Bruno by phone please.

We thank you from bottom of our hearts.

Yours faithfully,


Further information here:

All is helpful, We thank you from bottom of our hearts for your time and aid.


We SAFOB informed these officials on Wednesday 20/FEB/2019 and looking forward aid/support – our experience during years is „everyone is hiding, ignore human rights, duty and oath of office„:;;;; ;; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ;;; ; ;; ; ; ;;;; ; ;;; ; ;;; ;; ; ; ;  ;;;;;;

# Nuncio in Germany Archbishop Doctor Nikola Eterović

# Archdiocese of Freiburg/Black/Blood Forest – Archbishop Stephan Burger – Secretary’s office – admin: kommunikation@ordinariat-freiburg.de
Dicastery / Position
Postmaster, a one-stop shop that forwards emails to the right place in the Vatican.
State Secretariat (Office of the Secretary of State)
– Department of General Affairs
– Department of Relations with States
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Congregation for the Oriental Churches
Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments
Congregation for the Causes of the Beatification and Canonization
Congregation for the Bishops
Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples
Congregation for the Clergy
Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and the Communities of Apostolic Life (Prefect)
– Secretary
– Information
Congregation for Catholic Education (for seminars and study institutions)
Pontifical Council for the Laity
Pontifical Council Promoting Christian Unity
Pontifical Council for the Family
Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace („Iustitia et Pax“)
Pontifical Council „Cor Unum“
Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Travelers
Pontifical Council for the Pastorale in Health Service
Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts
Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue
Pontifical Council for Culture
Pontifical Council for Social Communications (Media Council)
Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization
Apostolic Penitentiary
Apostolic signature
Roman Rota
Governorate (SCV)
Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church
Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archeology
Pontifical Biblical Commission
Pontifical Commission „Ecclesia Dei“
Pontifical Commission for the revision and improvement of the Vulgate
International Theological Commission
Pontifical committees for the International Eucharistic Congresses
Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences
Camerlengo of the Apostolic Chamber
Administration of the goods of the Apostolic See
Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See
Papal Secret Archives
Librarian of the Holy Roman Church
Prefecture of the Papal House
Office for the liturgical celebrations of the Pope
Papal band „Sixtina“
Swiss guard
Vatican Museums
Pontifical Academy of Sciences
Institute of Ecclesiastical Institutions (IOR) = Vatican Bank 
Autorita di Informazione Finanziaria (AIF) = Financial Information Authority
Dombauhütte of St. Peter
Pontifical charity service
L`Osservatore Romano
Vatican printing house
Vatican bookstore
President of Radio Vatican
Director-General of Vatican Radio
Vatican Television Center
Press Office of the Holy See
Vatican Information Service
Office of Philately and Numismatics
German pilgrim center in Rome
Internet-Office (Sister Judith Zoebelein)
Employment Office of the Apostolic See





Jan. 27th. 2019 NEW LAYOUTJan. 16th 2019 – We started a new mission for Bruno – to stop and name and bring his torturer / murderer to ICC/UN tribunals and find shelter & asylum for hin to spent his last days/death in freedom (preferred Highlands)!

Please spread pictures (more asap) that Bruno find shelter & asylum in a democratic country and will not executed in Nazi Germany!




* 2nd Jan 20th. 2019 – *3rd Jan 23rd. 2019 below




next „These are Bruno’s torturer/murderer“ asap



Some information pictures:













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